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  1. Asfanews

    Bending the flat wire, HELP

    Hi guys, I am thinking of a new mod, with DNA60. I can't find the screen file for FreeCAD, and I cannot bend the flat wire. I need something like that
  2. Asfanews

    Screen dna75

    hi everyone, i can't find just the stl with the screen. I need it to do a simple screen Holder. Can anyone help me please?
  3. Asfanews

    dna go

    send an email to the evolv, this is what they told me to buy one
  4. Asfanews

    dna go

    I'd like to make a bf mod with dna-go, but first I want to be sure that: Can I use 18500? Can I vape at , for example, 13Watts without thee drop I get when I use mood with mosfet?
  5. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    no man, there could be many options to fix my issue, but it was the connection as previously suggested. I checked the box, and the output pin needs to be tightened
  6. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    I got the TCR from the crazywire datasheet The table and the other data weren't available, I also wrote them asking for it, but no replay. So I couldn't create a new material with Steam-Engine. The only thing I could, and I did, was to create a new material with escribe, just from the TCR. If need anything else, I am here
  7. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    NiFe48, 26AWG, 5 or 5 wraps, from CrazyWire
  8. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    First, Thank you for your help. Second, you're saying that the drops of power in the following pic is due to poor connetion? (no hot spot I am sure, it's just a 5 wrap 26AAWG coil). I'll check tomorrow and update the post.
  9. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    yes, it's just to explain the lack of power I am having and that I don't understand why. By the way I did the test on the two mods at the same temperature and it was the same.
  10. Asfanews

    Can't keep the power in T.C.

    this pic is from another bf, a simple dna75. Here the power released reaches the right spot and the atom keeps vaping I don't know why, in the first case (DNA75C) the power drops so I can't vape!
  11. Hi folks, I am going crazy. I am using my bf in T.C. but even from the first puffs, when the atomizer is still cold the power drops immediately and it doesn't vaporize, just a little. The first pic is from the DNA75C, the light green line shows a peek at the beginning but then suddenly drops.
  12. Asfanews

    dna75 display error!

    I had the same problem, I changed the display and it has worked fine. unfortunately today it stared again with the same issue. The box works, it fire and goes up and down, but the screen started to display numbers like yours and then black. Is it something with the board or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Asfanews

    DNA 75 Color Screen Cradle

    Did you do that? I am still looking for the same.
  14. I don't know how but I found that the little metal clamp which keeps the rubber that push on the down button on bord has fallen somewhere and got lost. I don't know how to replace this little peace to keep the rubber part of the button on the contact. Any Idea of where I can find the little clamp or something similar? P.S. I found the rubber part in the circuit, but the metal got lost
  15. Hi guys, My Epetite dna60 still fires, but the display happens to be broken (I hope so). I was wondering if has appen to anyone before and if you think I can just buy the display and make it work again. In case, which display do I have to buy? The small or the big one? Is the same display used for dna75? Thanks a lot