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  1. YetanotherSteve

    Can't read Sh^t

    Sorry for the long (a year?) delay. I stopped using my device because it started randomly turning off when I fired it. I reset it to factory settings, changed to default and other themes but it was still unreliable so I gave up on it and never looked at eScribe or the theme again. I just put some batteries in it for the first time in months, updated the firmware and for the last 10 minutes it has not shut off on me, fingers crossed. @Metoo, I am able to adjust the temp if I change to a temp-controlled profile. I changed the first post to show the 8 profiles I set up. BTW, unlock sequence is UP and FIRE 2x.
  2. YetanotherSteve

    DNA GO Not Recognized by Computer

    Some general USB tips... 1) USB can be finicky every once in a while. Sometimes 'stuff just happens'. 2) The USB port, or the cable may have shorted out. BEFORE you just start swapping ports, test the port with something cheap, like an old mouse or keyboard that you know worked before. Don't fry your $1100 dollar Galaxy S10+ / iPhone Xs Max / external hard drives with your priceless data by using them to test out a port or cable that stopped working. 3) The device may have a bad / shorted out USB port. Try a different cable, and try using a USB hub in between the PC and the problem device. 4) The device you are trying to use may have a conflict with another device on another USB port. Maybe the ports don't have enough power to run everything you have connected to it. Maybe Device A (the Orion) doesn't like Device B because B draws too much power and does not leave enough for A to properly connect to the operating system. Try unplugging non-essential devices and see if your device works now. Then try swapping devices / ports. 5) Use the cable that came with the device at first, then get some good cables, and use shorter ones if possible. Monoprice sells good cables at good prices, though shipping isn't cheap.. Anker cables are good if you are an Amazon shopper. Amazon Basics cables are OK but not great. 6) It's possible that a Windows / MacOS update screwed something up. See if you can update your drivers. 7) On my PC I have an older external hard drive that only works when plugged directly into the PC. I also have a 4 other external drives, my Corsair RGB keyboard (with two USB cables) and my Logitech mouse all plugged into one USB hub, which is plugged into one USB port on the PC. Weird things happen. Let us know if you got it working or not, and let us know what kind of computer you have. Hope this helps.
  3. YetanotherSteve

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    @Wayneo So... how do I know if my EScribe software is up to date? I don't want to 'assume' it is. ALSO... (wik) Should my DNA 75C device have had it's clock 'spring forward' if the computer it's connected to has, and if it shows as being an hour ahead in the theme preview panel before I update the device? Thanks again for the replies in advance.
  4. YetanotherSteve

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    Hey there. After trying to figure out why my HCigar DNA 75D (with a 75 C chip) did not change the clock ahead one hour during DST, I tried updating EScribe in case that was the problem. I am having trouble finding the best way to update EScribe to the latest version. I cannot find a 'check for updates' selection anywhere in EScribe. I see that I can choose to 'Apply Service Pack' and am given the option to select from a device folder (such as DNA 75 Color, which is the device I am using) but I want to update EScribe, and the folder naming seems to be updates to the devices themselves. On Evolv's DNA 75 Color main page ( I can download EScribe Suite US Edition for Windows, but the site does not show a version or date for the file. How do I know it is newer that the one I already have? (The file name I downloaded today (2018-03-24) is the same as the one I downloaded on a few months ago on 2017-12-27, and both files are named SetupEScribe2_US.exe ) I am using Windows 7 Pro x64, EScribe Version 2.0 SP5.2. "Automatically Check for Service Packs" is checked, and "Internet Sync" is enabled. Nothing pops up or displays when I select or deselecting those options. How do I know that my EScribe software is current? I see references in the forums to version 5.1, 5.2, 6.0... Shouldn't there be a simple 'Check for EScribe Updates' button and a pop up to say you have the latest version, as well as the latest version available shown on the EScribe download page? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. YetanotherSteve

    Deep Vape Nine

    I like the different style, love the landscape layout. I wish the wallpaper didn't cut the percentage and menu items in half though. Find a way to expand the wallpaper to the edge for the text to be in one piece and it'll get 5 stars.
  6. YetanotherSteve

    Can't read Sh^t

    Version 1.0


    I wanted a theme that was easy to read in most lighting conditions. I wasn't going for something kick-ass, cool or pretty. I just wanted to see the stuff on the screen. I changed the font, changed the colors for some of the text and highlights. I moved a few things around, and changed some names to protect the innocent from eyestrain. I put this together in a few hours, starting off from Jason Villamil's 'Enhanced Default Theme'. I'm probably going to do some more tweaks to this but it should work alright now. Please double check my power or temp settings before using an atty. This was made on an HCigar VT75D. If you like it, or hate it bit have constructive criticism, please leave a comment. EDIT (2019-03-21) The 8 profiles on the device are set as follows: Watts 1, Watts 2, Watts 3, SS316, SS316 +, SS316 ++, Nickel 200 and Titanium. I only use Kanthal and SS 316 coils, so I kept Ni200 and Ti as it was from stock. Adjust temp or watts by moving the highlight up or down to the desired segment, and hitting middle select button. (the watts or temp will turn GREEN so you know it is in up-down adjusting mode). Tap up or down until you are where you want, then hit the middle button agian to set the temp / watts. If you STILL cannot adjust temp, please reply below. NOTE: the text in sub menus is VERY tiny. I will need to work on this some more. The main screen is easy enough to read, but you will have a tough time with the diagnostics.