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Found 5 results

  1. Version 4.3.2


    I have reduced the functions to the absolute minimum; no clock, no date, no nothing ... The navigation is simple - screen exit down round robin and exit up to lock the device. The result: no shuffling through menus and submenus - just vaping and everything you need is on exactly one screen! The following screenshots are from my basic themes for dna75c / 250c - just for vaping V3.1; are however fully implemented in a customized design: PLEASE NOTE: The change of wire type must still be completed by pressing the firebutton, since the wire is tested internally - The gradation of the power setting is of course adapted to the performance - all protections against erroneous settings (eg Temp-Protect in power mode), as usual from my enhanced themes -the functions for REPLAY are only enabled in power mode (as provided by Evolv) and only after activation if the coil is REPLAY-capable. - if replay is activated, the specific functions are only displayed, if the coil is replayable ______________________________________________________________________________ TO THE EXPERIENCED USERS: Well, the display of the Preheat temperature is quite interesting, but to set this directly seems pointless, since the chipset works in fixed increments. As far as I interpret the behavior correctly, these steps are dependent on the set target temperature, as well as the exceeding of the TC target temperature in Preheat is not possible - even if the direct temperature input suggests something else. There is a direct dependency between Preheat-Temp and Preheat-Punch. So I decided to display the preheat temperature (assigned by the chipset) - but the setting is done as a preheat punch. Should someone explain to me in an understandable way that my explanations are wrong, I will go back this step, of course.
  2. Version 3.5.3


    This is a theme from the user "Astromike", he uploaded it on July 7th, 2017 and wrote the following: "Just got my Therion today and figured I'd try out the custom theme thing. Here's a Star Trek theme, complete with the LCARS UI. Note this isn't the first 75C Star Trek theme (and it probably won't be the last). Feedback welcome. " This comment follows on April 30, 2018: "PLEASE make it compatible with 250C !! Beautiful theme!" I came across this beautiful topic and thought to myself - it is about time! Here is the (almost) original design expanded to include the replay function. I also used a new toggle design here:
  3. Astromike

    Star Trek Theme

    Version 1.0.0


    Just got my Therion today and figured I'd try out the custom theme thing. Here's a Star Trek theme, complete with the LCARS UI. Note this isn't the first 75C Star Trek theme (and it probably won't be the last). You can find the original from dwaindablane below, I was just aiming for something a little more techie looking. Feedback welcome.
  4. liquidmacosx

    Updated Lcars

    Version 1.0.0


    Updated more real star trek feel to LCARS menus
  5. Freakston

    Deep Vape Nine

    Version 1.0.0


    Colourful landscape LCARS inspired theme with large easy to read text. Thought to put the current time on the main screen when the device not in temperature control. Using the Name Text of each screen as the "back" button. Only two backgrounds, not enough space error with three backgrounds. One background used for firing allowed, and one for display only so that firing triggers the back action. However, my System menu is not set to allow firing but for some reason the mod allows firing from this screen? Two tone Error / Status messages to use the lower bottom area more efficiently. Created while waiting for "Replay" feature.