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  1. Therion 75C batterry draining

    An update: I've tried cleaning this mod, restored it to default theme, restored default settings, applied latest service pack. It didn't help. Mod still drains my battery (100 to 60% in about 24 hours). Nor mod, or battery is heating up while idle (according to escribe, board temp. is 26 cel., while room temp. - 22). I've also noticed some strange behaviour from the board, so guys, please confirm is it normal for DNA75C. When battery is removed, time and date restores to default (2000-01-01 00:01) immediately. EDIT: also, mod can't connect to PC with battery removed.
  2. Therion 75C batterry draining

    Good suggestion. I'll try cleaning it, although, all contacts seems to be bone dry (well except atomizer-510 contact ).
  3. Therion 75C batterry draining

    Same issue with Therion 75C BF. I've started experiencing the same problem only two days ago (for two consequent charges). Battery level dropped from 60% to 1% overnight. I've removed a battery hoping that maybe the board was reading charge level incorrectly, but it wasn't a case (battery was actually drained). Interestingly, it was fine for ~10-15 charge-discharge cycles and just now it started to acting up. Battery is(was) fresh and tested (Sony VTC6). Guys, correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand, it should be a software issue. So, is it possible to do some kind of hard factory reset on 75C board? Sorry for stupid questions, I am kind of new at this stuff.