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  1. So on the go board there are 2 negative connections- 1 for the pod connection and one for battery. They’re both connected electrically on the board but I’m wondering if it’s safe to use just one- the pod connection? Reason I ask is the battery connections are awfully close together and I’d rather not risk a short there. But aware high frequency circuit grounding can be very critical for correct operation.
  2. Markse68

    DNA GO Replay function questions

    So reading up on replay in other board forums it seems that the warmth is maybe a sort of preheat or boost function. Still don’t really understand why it’s there if replay is replicating a recorded temp/time profile as that should be automatic?. Is it really a power limiter that affects the initial temp rise of a profile that initiated at above ambient temperature? In which case for maximum accuracy shouldn’t it always be set at max power? Or is it there because the control algorithm can overshoot and this in effect a method of tuning it? 🤔
  3. Markse68

    DNA GO Replay function questions

    Ok so having watched this great interview with John I have a better picture of how Replay works and why my question about TCRs was a dumb question 😬 Replay is an awesome evolution! Still would like to know what’s the point of “warmth” setting? Is that just shaping the ramp up to the temp limit? Or the starting point of the temp/time curve? Shouldn’t that all be recorded when the replay function is set? 🤔
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    DNA GO 3D Model

    Yes please 🙏
  5. Pretty excited about the DNA GO board for its size and simplicity- hoping it will be released as a stand alone board imminently 🙏 Couple of questions about replay though What is replay actually doing? Is it recording a temperature/time plot and reproducing it accurately using some variant of a PID controller? Or is it more simply just a way to set a temperature limit which isn’t exceeded in subsequent replays? What is the warmth setting in escribe for- if it’s replaying something pre-recorded what’s the point of adjusting the warmth? Long shot but at some point will there be the option of choosing other materials TCRs than 316 in escribe (Ti would be nice) if indeed it is doing real temperature monitoring? thanks 😊