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  1. baher

    dead screen? gone all white

    Hello guys it happened once again, now the total count is 4 screen gone white (2 on paranormal and 2 on rebel) i need to fix this probelm as i’m afraid to buy new screen and facing same shit again 🤓
  2. baher

    dead screen? gone all white

    Their customer service is deep shit, i allready sent them and they did not reply although i had the same issue while buying the mod from them, the customer service at their side is below zero
  3. baher

    dead screen? gone all white

    Yes but how to reposition it on rebel mod ?!
  4. baher

    dead screen? gone all white

    hello everyone i wrote before about the screen problem with my paranormal as i have lost couple of screens till now, i bought a rebel mod dna250C 21700/20700 and i had the same problem, the screen started to shudder then it faded out and it only works while pressing the fire button (not on stealth mode) then it started to work again but as a white screen nothing appears on it, i sent rebel and esauce about my problem but the customer service their sucks they never replied and that is the usual action from them , i had another new screen so i replaced it and till now it is working fine but i hope it will continue, i guess evolv should try to find out what is happening with their screens have a nice day guys
  5. baher

    dead screen? gone all white

    this happened to me last august, it went all white, i replaced the screen on the 2nd half of October with a new one and guess what??!! the same happened again 3 weeks ago.. i guess there is a problem with the wiring of the paranormal as there are many cases like this among my friends. :(
  6. Did u do anything or this just happens out of nowhere ?!
  7. I have the same issue with my mod, it started with one line but now they are 4 lines and i really don’t know what the hell is this, i have been using it since 4 weeks
  8. baher

    Show off your custom screens.

    AMMIT DUAl screen Power mode screen RELOAD RTA screen