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  1. vegabob

    Let's see your 200's!

    It's a 900mah battery I forget the name of the wood but it's some hard wood from Africa that they make guatars out of. The work on the mod is why I bought it. And even the box the mod comes in is nice.
  2. vegabob

    Let's see your 200's!

    I was very lucky to pick up one of these Music City mods my self. The quality workmanship in these mods is awesome. You can tell a craftsmen built these mods
  3. vegabob

    Let's see your 200's!

    This is a Mod MAMU has made for me it's 41/41/93mm it's got a 1,5000 mah battery in it a Fatdaddy V4 510. She only made 2 of these and I was lucky to get one. I'm so glad MAMU is back in the Modding game a little bit. I have wanted one of her EVOLV product mod for 3.5 years. For people that don't know who MAMU is she is one of the OG Modders from years ago. Her mods are very hard to get your hands on, like I said I was very lucky to get this sweet little mod. I own a lot of high end mods but to me because of what MAMU has done for the Modding world from way back I hold this mod closer to my heart than any thing else I own. I have thanked her over and over for letting me be the one to care for your work of art.
  4. If your trying to buy one of these 510 Tools please go to And you can buy them from the website thanks
  5. Thank you for letting me know how these tools worked out.
  6. Good that's how I use these tools my self
  7. I use the full reading now not the 85.%
  8. Your email has been replied to sir
  9. Thanks for letting us know how you like these everyone.
  10. Thanks for letting me know you got them and letting other know how good these work
  11. Yes you must go the the mod tab first to clear any settings that are there now. Then go to Atty Analyzer to use the tool. Now as far as the 85% thing I am not using that any more, because these tools have the lowest resistance we could find to make them out of I don't feel we need to use the 85% number any more. I'm using the full reading from the tool to put in to my Mods. I think that 85% number was came up with because we were using Atties with wires to do this test before this tool was made. Nick from Evolv came up with the idea for this tool Ed and I just got them made up he can join in and tell us what he thinks about the 85% thing now. Remember everything has resistance ( true ) but with these being made out of 99.9% pure copper and .1% pure silver I think the ohm reading would be so low it really will not matter any more. I do make sure my 510 poss pin is clean will I run my tests. I think using some no loc on the tool would even lowere the reading as well but how much off a difference it would made? I'm not sure.
  12. Your all very welcome. BUT I did not do this my self Nick from Evolv came up with the idea. I check out a shop they wanted to much money to make it worth wild, then I talked to Ed Green from Smoke free mods and he found a machine shop to get them done. So it was really a 3 or 4 person show to get these done. I'm just glad they turned out the way they did and every one that has got them says they work great. That's all we can ask for.