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  1. Can confirm 18 takes about 2 minutes to load on ubuntu. 17 was fine. Never really tried 18 as it have been doing other things. Ie ircd web and other server related things. Took about 30s to open about describe with no info on version. So I believe its 18 lol My theme could have changed text as I hate white backgrounds. Due to it burns my eyes. Just installed 19 and taking minutes to open also. So something changed. Possibly the compiler and gathering everything.
  2. Just a tip for those not familiar with installing. I'm on a semi fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 Download Escribe 18 Open Terminal & cd to your download Location type chmod +x filename.run (filename being the name of the escribe file) Press enter type ./filename.run press enter It will check for the packages needed and if not there will ask if you wish to install Press Y and then Enter. it will install packages needed automatically (at least on my ubuntu Desktop install) The command it uses is (apt-get install mono-complete gtk-sharp2) afterwards if the installer doesn't pop up just arrow up and press enter again. IE ./filename.run Hopefully this Helps others. As I'm no linux pro but I do know how to look up things to do what I need.
  3. Sadly I can't help with that. Hopefully someone else has info on it. Was super excited that there is a starting of a linux version of escribe. I just generally change temp settings etc. Decided to hook it up. First i plugged it in then I ran escribe clicked escribe it popped up a message I click yes then enter password. After entering password it showed my dna 250 and downloaded settings.
  4. i believe the steps i did are as follows under ubuntu sudo apt-get install mono-complete sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2 Open a terminal cd /home/user/Downloads chmod +x filename.run ./filename.run Mind you yours may be slightly different. I had to google what to do so I didn't read thru the forum for tips. also after i ran it it asked and basically required me to install 2 more programs. which I thought I already did. hopefully my directions I just typed up are accurate as it has been since I posted that I last did it and used it. But I plan on possibly installing another distro some day soon and Will give it a shot again.
  5. YAY Now I just have to remember how to install run files & get everything else installed first. Ubuntu 18.04 So shouldn't be that hard. Haven't used nix in 5years so refreshing. I just hate winblows and that's what i previously used to update. Update: Well wasn't so bad to install. Simple way is to just chmod it then ./SetupEScribe2_SP17_US.run asked to install dependencies and go from there. although i installed 2 of them already as 1 was not found and 1 was outdated compared to what i had. Per what the messages were. Will have to check it out tomorrow after i get time.
  6. From how many I read having this issue or simular. I believe that. It probably killed my battery. I'm working on finally sending it in. Been trying for the past week. Daughter keeps taking everything. And can't find the insert for my box lol. Hopefully it's sent off today or tomorrow.
  7. Thanks. I didn't think it was the battery due to being over half full then charging and a couple hours later it was 0%. Guess I might have to file a ticket and send it in. Sadly don't have any solder wick. No clue where my soldering iron is nor solder. I actually miss the size of the vtbox250 compared to my evic primo haha. Just wish I could afford a bigger battery.
  8. Did you ever get this resolved? Mine started this yesterday. I'm about to take it apart and check everything. I've tried multiple cables and 3 different chargers. I'm leaning towards the battery but want to know before I order a battery. Would get a bigger maxamps or some other reputable battery.
  9. D_N_D

    DNA 250 Not charging via USB

    I'm curious if this was ever figured out. As my vtbox250 just started this. Charged fine this am then this afternoon plug in cable and it recognizes it but drained my Lipo to 0%. It was 53% when I walked away with it charging so I thought.