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  1. As an update for this issue, I had to change the DNA circuit, is not a battery fault. I check the whole pcb, components and connection but at the end, was the DNA circuit.
  2. as update, the box discharge completely also if in charging. now display Is off and usb charge don't boot up. I need a rma I guess..
  3. i also attached a box showing the "not charging" box is plugged with a wall mount usb charger of 2A. and as you can see amp is 0.005
  4. Hello, I'm a new user. Yesterday a issue a battery analyzer on my vapecige vtbox250, after I left on my usb wall mount charger, check the effective charging without problem and go to sleep. This morning I go to take my box and I noticed that the battery was on 30% and not charging. Try to check wit evolve device monitor and I got that usb is giving 5volt but only 0.006 amps. Try to change cable, usb charger, computer but nothing. Try to restore the out of the box profile saved (also the battery profile), but nothing. There are others checks I can go ahead with my issue? Thank you.