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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. Last night my paranormal 250c suddenly stopped charging and even can not connect to evolve via pc. The usb port is ok physically because the powerbank mode does work. What can i do? I used 3 different cables and no luck. Can it be because of my batteries that are 1.5 years old? i should state that i can not send the chip to evolv for repair.
  2. Hello there, I bought recently a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250 with 2x LG HG2 18650 3000mAh (brand new). For 1 week everything was all right, I charge it through USB without any problem. Now when I plug it (on computer, on charger, I tried with many), it blinks in red 3 seconds more or less, then turn to green as if it was fully charged. When I start EScribe, here is the result. As you will notice the USB power and current are both at 0. I tried a firmware update / USB Recovery Charge. I tried to charge the batteries with a battery charger and they charge (except it takes 10 hours because I've got a charger for 1 battery only). And sometimes... miracle... it charges again, without obvious reasons . But better not to unplug it at this moment or it will probably won't work again... Would you have an idea on this issue? Don't hesitate if you need more data. PS : The peaks in the cells voltage only appear if the USB charging is enabled, if not, the values are stable around 3.5 - 3.6 volts. Thank you in advance, Johann
  3. My DNA75C seems to struggle to hit 100% (4.20v) off the USB charger.. I calibrated the battery curve using the battery analyzer yesterday and verified the 100% node is sitting on 4.20v... * If I charge the battery's off my external charger they seem to hit 4.20v so I'm not sure why the DNA75C is struggling to be honest, the batteries are brand new iJoy 20700's... have barely been through two charge cycles yet. Is there a setting I'm missing here ? *Does the 100% node in the battery curve even determine the max charge cutoff voltage - if not what does ? I feel like I'm missing another setting determining the charge cutoff... Cheers guy's
  4. Hi everybody, I've seen lots of people here, who really know almost everything about all DNA stuff, so I wanted to ask for your help. Sooo, today I found out that my DNA (i havent been using it for few days) is refusing to charge, doesnt matter which one cable or adapter I'll use, it doesnt even shot a thunderbolt icon. Escribe shown me that one cell is around 1,40 V, second 2,12V, and third 0,01V. I tried to rebalance them with USB charge recovery and after few hours first is at 2,21V, second 2,51V, but third still at 0,01v... I've opened my Panzer just to make sure everything is all right in there and it was. People say that this third cell my be completly dead now, kaput. I tried to update software, reset all settings, and nothing. Maybe you guys have any idea if there is any way i can bring it back to life, cuz im out of ideas. Btw, what would happen if I set in escribe that this lipo has 2 cells instead of 3?
  5. Hello, I'm a new user. Yesterday a issue a battery analyzer on my vapecige vtbox250, after I left on my usb wall mount charger, check the effective charging without problem and go to sleep. This morning I go to take my box and I noticed that the battery was on 30% and not charging. Try to check wit evolve device monitor and I got that usb is giving 5volt but only 0.006 amps. Try to change cable, usb charger, computer but nothing. Try to restore the out of the box profile saved (also the battery profile), but nothing. There are others checks I can go ahead with my issue? Thank you.
  6. I've got a DNA250 that I built that seems to be non-connective/intermittently connective on the USB (both charging and escribe). Seems to only be able to connect when I press and hold the USB plug into a certain position. Worth trying to ticket for service? I don't know is this is covered or just considered normal wear and tear
  7. I have my account set up ( I think), however i can not get my vape to connect to my computer. It keeps saying that there is no usb device plugged in, yet it shows that my device is charging. The title warranty service pops up on my device and i can not get it to link to change the any of the settings. looking for help.
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