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  1. Nice work though not sure about the 510 positive, if thats soldered to the outter ring that secures the spring and 510 centre pin, you will be passing the power through the spring mostly and that in time may fail? If you had put the board on the side you would have had a lot more room for the 510. I found the fat daddy too big for the 1550p hammond i used so went with the Varitube, it is shorter and narrower at the threads and base.
  2. Ive not used a dripper in ages so decided to give my Mutation X V2 a try again, dual coils, 26awg, 2.5mm inner dia, spaced coils, around 7 wraps, hits hard, came out about .24ohms. running at 200c. 100w pre heat and 80w normal, drops to about 75w then temp protect after about 3 seconds of a pull, which is all i can take right now thanks to a cold...
  3. I have a single TI coil, about 4 wraps of 24awg around a 3mm bit, came out around .19ohms, spaced coil, using heavy VG juice and im currently sitting at 245C (473F), pre heat is at 100w and puch set to 8... working like a charm, massive clouds and great flavour as ive just put in this coil and fresh rayon wick. Edit: forgot to mention, i have the rayon in tight, i had to roll it as it went through the coil.. if it does not wick well then you can get dry hits.
  4. Hersh, i had similar trouble with TI on the DNA200 at first, i had downloaded the TI CSV from the Wire Wizard page but like you, it was weak upto cotton burning temps and burn from those temps and above. I then noticed there is a link top left of the Wire Wizard page to an older Calculator, i downloaded the CSV from it and loaded it for my TI wire and now im running my Lemo 2 at 240 C (464 F), not a single dry or burnt hit and ive run the tank dry a few times. Give it a try?
  5. Id say its more likely a problem with the build/wiring than the chip vidalcris...
  6. I have Escribe soft cell cut off set to 3.2v and when I finally got the weak battery message with the dual 18650's, I connected up to escribe and ran the monitor, the batteries were showing as around 3.45 to 3.55v but when I fired the mod they dropped to 3.2 and weak battery was displayed again.
  7. For your comparison: Im using 2 Efest 2800mAh batteries, bought two pairs to match, the first pair gave me 578 puffs at around 5 seconds a puff, 100w 1s pre heat, punch 5, and mod set to 40w, before it showed Weak battery. Running a .2ohm Titanium single coil in temp mode... and i set the soft cell cut off to 3.2 to be safe.... Edit: forgot to add i am using the default curve that was already in escribe.
  8. 1. A standard dual battery sled might not fit, think they are 37mm+ typically, an 18650 battery is typically around 18.2 to 18.5mm in diameter, so two side by side = 36mm+, too wide for the 35mm room you say you have. 2. Yes and no, you cannot plug in the USB Just for software only and therefore need to connect the taps for battery balance/charge. 3. Set Escribe to 2-Cell, then run the Watt-Hour Calculator, type in the mAh of just One of your 18650's, then in Nominal Voltage enter 7.4.
  9. I used this one, just cut down the keys.. http://www.modmaker.co.uk/Mod-Making-Supplies/Battery-Holders/Keystone-1048-Dual-18650-Battery-Holder
  10. Cheers Mad_Scientist, I have done that already, got a profile for my Lemo 2 with the ohms locked and for my TFv4 and Subtank mini tanks, plus one each for Ti wire, NI wire and Kanthal. The auto fire does not appear to be anything to do with the buttons, I am using the onboard buttons and when it auto fires, the screen comes on, but its not showing any change and pressing the buttons has not affect on it firing, its as though the power from the batteries is being dumped into the atty bypassing the chip as temp protection does not kick in nore is there a 10 second puff limit kicking in... it just fires full power regardless until I pull the batteries... not sure how or why. the first time it happened, the mod was laying on its side, not in use.. the second time I accidentally knocked the mod onto its side and it fired, the last time it did it, the mod was Locked and in a holster on my belt, I just reached down, grabbed the atty and pulled the mod out of the holster and off it went?
  11. Sorry alistairs, you did not read my post properly, I pointed out that I know about the ohms lock... the issue is if the board decides while im out and about, to set the wrong ohms because I Don't have ohms lock on, there is nothing I can do but wait for it to sort itself out or I can get home to my PC... so it would be handy be able to manually dial in the ohms myself via the chip. anyway I can see its not a popular idea so fair enough, ill just have to get used to setting ohms lock on and hope the chip does not auto fire again, as every time it does that I have to pull the batteries and without ohms lock on it registers the wrong ohms. Hopefully I can find out whats causing the auto fire and cure it.
  12. I used a kit from Stealthvape to mount my DNA200: http://www.stealthvape.co.uk/evolv/DNA200-MOUNTING-KIT Had to grind down the sleeves a little as i had little space in the 1550p but worked a treat
  13. Just want to check i have the Watt hour cal settings correct, i have 2 2800 mAh 18650's, I have the mAh set to 2800 and im assuming i set the nominal voltage as 7.4v? And should i leave the soft cell cut off at 3.09v or set it to 6.2v?
  14. Ok, update: Since reversing the 510 pin on the Lemo 2, ive vaped through 2 full tanks at 230c, 40w, vaped till flavour and vapour dropped off and tanks empty... not dry hits, the coild res should be .2... occasionally its gone up to .21ohms, but otherwise looking Much better. So Thanks Podunk for your tip... made me a happy vaper again.
  15. Hi I have been through some issues with bad 510 pins on certain tanks that can cause the ohms to jump and thus throw out temp control, now we can lock the ohms and thats fine... And in Escribe we can force the ohms if we know they should be lower... but it would be handy if there was the ability to do this via the chip without a computer and Escribe, not sure if it is possible, but i think it would be handy as ive found i can build a coil in a tank, all seams well, i go out for the day and take out my mod to have a vap and get a bad hit and notice the ohms have gone up and nothing i can do as im away from my pc, so i have to lower the temp limit, but then the next time i take out the mod to vap it may have changed again.. so being able to dial in the ohms would be a neat feature? I know some will say get a better tank, but I love my Lemo 2 and it worked fine on my DNA40 mods, just did not play well with the DNA200, i have since reversed the 510 pin after another member suggested it and the tank seams stable now... but on the off chance its not... being able to dial in the ohms via the chip would be very cool.
  16. I have 2 Lemo 2 tanks and 2 original Lemo's and have been using Ni200 on all of them for months without any issues and converted to Titanium a few weeks ago, also without issuse, though it does appear that the ohms are wandering on this particular Lemo 2 so so I have tried your suggestions and reversed that 510 pin and see if this helps it. But again, none of this explains why the vape Feels better when the DNA is using the NI TCR instead of the proper TI TCR? It just hits harder.
  17. Well kudos then, the finish is spot on... i too once was an engineer... many years ago, but i was too impatient to get my mod up and running lol
  18. Very nice and clean, a tidy job... love how clean the window cut out and USB are, i take it you have suitable tools to make such a good job? I have to make do with an old bench drill, dremel and needle files and got nothing like your finish LOL
  19. its not just about what the settings say, its how the vape feels... in NI mode the vape is far better and more enjoyable, no matter how high or low i set the temp with TI and the "Right TCR" its just either burnt or cold and weak, i cant find a sweet spot, reminds me of how NI200 coils used to be... where as the same coil used on the same mod but using the NI TCR, i can get a warmer more satisfying vape without getting dry or burnt hits... it like the TCR for TI is wrong or not working, now i know i can just keep teh mod in the NI profile, but it should have to be that way..
  20. Cheers Mad, i figure its the atty, but id been running it fine on my DNA 40 for weeks without issue, but ive re coiled it now and will and will clean out the base as you say and see how it goes.. Its just odd that if i set my DNA200 into the Ni200 profile and lower the temp limit, it vapes much better...
  21. I did not get my wire from ssv? i got it from crazy wire company and i am Not using NI200... im only using grade 1 titanium wire. 175c is what i run TI wire at on the DNA40... as it does not have the TCR for TI wire... so you have to lower the temp to compensate... So i have rebuilt the coil on my Lemo 2 as i think it was maybe unstable as it was vaping great till i let it go to sleep for 30 minutes, then i started get dry hits again... Now the new coil was made from the same 24awg TI... is around the same .2ohms and im getting a great vape at 160c.. any higher and i get dry/burnt hits... im really not impressed with this DNA200 and TI wire, i just vapes so much better in NI200 Mode using TI wire...??? I have a friend who is finding the exact same experience... TI wire works better when using the NI200 TCF and lower temps then when using the TI TCR and "correct" temps.
  22. Think i have it figured out, i had used the Wire Wizard on steam engine to download the .csv for TI wire, but i see there is a link in the top left of the page for an older version called TCR Calculator, so i loaded it and got a fresh .csv from that page and loaded it to my TI profile and now it seems much better.
  23. Hi, im new to the DNA200 having just build my own mod lastnight. I have been using Titanium wire for a few weeks on my DNA40 mods, typically 3-5 wraps, 3mm dia, around .2 - .29 ohms. I currenlty have a coil in my Lemo 2, its a .2ohm and on my DNA 40 i vape at 30w and 175c. I have set Profile 1 as Titanium and Profile 2 as NI200. I have been on steam engine and downloaded the CSV for TI wire and added it to my TI profile, but when i vape the lemo 2 i need to set the temp to 250c to get anywhere close to the same vape i get on the DNA40 mods. I set profile 2 active (NI200) and set it to 175c and i can get the same great vape i get off my DNA40 mod. Any reason for this, i thought with the right TCR the temps should be accurate and therefore 250c should be burning my cotton?
  24. Here is my humble attempt, in a Hammond 1550p, the box is messy on the outside from the masking tape as ive not had a chance to clean it up yet, but it works and that's the main thing...
  25. Here you go, the box is messy on the outside from the masking tape, ive not had a chance to clean it up yet, but it works and that's the main thing..
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