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  1. Yeah i used your pictures posted in the Show us your DNA thread, as a rough guide and ground my sled down and underneath the screw posts etc... but the 510 was still too close to the board, so now i have a washer under the 510... looks like a bad fat daddy... but it is all built and working, but its near 2am and ive to be up at 6.30 so ill have to post later today in work... ill try to get up pictures then..
  2. Nice work m8, but that extra room would have been handy, im having trouble with the 510, fat daddy is too long and wide and the varitube is a bot too long to so im improvising with a washer... Just soldering the 510 positive now and thats it done...
  3. Thank you for the reply and confirmation, hopefully ill get this baby built tonight and finally get to see how good this chip is Ill be using a DNA200 mounting kit I bought from Stealthvape, the screws and standoffs should be the correct sixe for the ground pads. This is my First DNA200 build and after building a DNA40 into the 1550p, I love its form factor and size, so hopefully it works, if not I have a CNC 806024 box from modmaker as a backup which should allow a little more room for the 510.
  4. Hi, been lurking a few days on here while I waited for my chip and components to arrive, so this is my first post. I have seen a few posts touch on this area but not seen the answer im looking for directly, so sorry if this has been asked and answered before.. ive just not found it. I have my Hammond 1550p all cut etc, ill be running this with dual 18650's and have a sled sized to fit. Now I have to just solder all the wires and fit it all to the case but here is were im a little unsure. The 510 will by very tight to the top of the board due to the small size of the 1550p.. this is were the output wires to the 510 need to go, so I will have to mask the wires off with insulating tape once they are soldered. to ensure they don't short on the bottom of the 510 connector. I will be attaching the board to the metal case using brass standoffs and steel screws, thus the board will be earthed to the case, as will the 510... can I get away with only soldering the 510 positive and Not the 510 earth wire as I had done on my DNA40 build, as I understand they are internally connected on the board?
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