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  1. I assume he meant this thread? I also assume the two mods being in series and parallel doesn't matter when it comes to the discharge profile? Thanks for the prompt reply!
  2. Yah I was just reading that huge thread about SS316L. Bummer, I thought the DNA chips were the best there is for TC. I ordered the vareity pack of coils (Clapton, Alien, Fused Clapton etc.) from FT. I really wanted to switch to premade coils as I don't have the time anymore, but looks like it won't happen with TC. My roll of SS430 is the Unkaman 28awg one. There's a shop near me that sells SS430 in 24awg. Would that be considerably more springy than SS316 in 24awg?
  3. Are you saying I should be expecting a big difference between SS430 and SS316L using the same sized coil, same temp limit, firing at the same watts?
  4. The thing is the exact same setup on SS430 works perfectly for me. I put a new build on today with 28AWG SS430. 2.5mm, ~8 wraps, 0.8 ohm. Temperature constantly hovers around 375-400 degrees. and only after chain vaping for a bit does it hit the temp limit. I get plenty of cool, almost cold vapor, and fantastic taste. I'm just switching over from Kanthal, when I used either 27awg or 24awg wires with the same amount of wraps and had a similar experience to SS430 at similar watts. I switched to TC to avoid dry hits when I forget to top up my Origen V2.
  5. Hello everyone! I have a Therion 166. I'm using UD 24AWG 316L SS wire from Fasttech. 2.5mm diameter single coil, 5-6 wraps coming out to be around 0.25ohm. The numbers add up on Steam Engine. I tried using stock 316 material, and the 316L Elite profile from Steam Engine. Firing at 20 watts with no preheat, temp limit at 420F. On both profiles the temp limit hits after a second or so I get very little vapor. After the second or third puff in a succession the temp limit hits almost instantly and I get no vapor. It wasn't as bad when the coil was freshly made last night, it keeps getting worse. This is my second time making a similar coil with the same wire, and same results. SS430 works beautifully, and I experience none of these issues under similar settings. Using Escribe 1.2 SP5.2 Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Can I provide any additional information to help you understand it better?
  6. Ahh I see! Thank you so much!My current Wh is 22.2, which was calculated using 3000mah and 3.7v x 2. I assume the 18.75 value takes into account the real world performance vs spec sheet numbers?
  7. Haha yeah, I'm definitely relieved as sending this in for an RMA would have been an inconvenient process to say the least! Yeah I'd appreciate all the help! Even though I've been vaping for about 6 years now this is my first DNA device. I'm not used to so many bells and whistles, and I must say I love them so far! I'm using this CSV file for my HG2s. Would you recommend the one you linked over it? Is there any noticeable differences among the many versions available, if so is the one you linked the definitive one? I've read elsewhere on this forum that the DNA chip automatically cuts off around 3v. What difference would it make to set the soft cutoff at 2.75v in that case? Some people even recommended setting the soft cutoff at 3.09v, what would be the reasoning for that line of thought? I'll definitely try the case analyzer in the next few days. Such a futuristic feature, a far cry from my first device, the Ego T I'm sorry I bombarded you with so many questions there. I'm really excited about all these features and want to find out as much about them as I can!
  8. I'm an idiot. I'm very sorry for wasting everyone's time, and thank you guys for the quick and helpful replies. That was the trick. It doesn't go to "charging" mode right away. By default it waited 60 seconds. I lowered it down to 10 seconds and it charges just fine, at 1.7+ amps. Thank you
  9. I just did. In the diagnostics window it still shows 0.00 for USB current. Note that my batteries are fully charged (4.20v and 4.19v). Is the display supposed to change to the charging screen even when the batteries are charged to 100%? In any case it seems like I need to drain them a little before seeing any results from any suggestions here. I charged them externally last night because I read a post here that said that might fix it. Thank you for your response Thank you for a very quick response! Yeah it was set to 60% by default. I can still see the screen when the USB is connected, it just doesn't change to "charging" screen from the normal, "running" screen.
  10. Edit: Turns out it takes 60 seconds (adjustable) to go to "charging" mode from the default mode once you plug in a charger. I'm an idiot. Hello everyone! I got a brand new Therion 166 as a gift two days ago. I'm using 2 brand new LG HG2 batteries. First time I used the mod I had the batteries charged via an external charger. I tried using the USB cable to charge yesterday and it doesn't show the lightning bolt on the battery icon. It also doesn't change the display variables (like amps) when a charger is connected. I manually set it to show charging amps at all times, and it stays at 0 when a charger is connected. I tried both the USB port from my computer and a separate quick wall charger. The only feedback the device shows when a charger is connected is that the brightness of the display goes up slightly. It's detected on my computer just fine. I can update it via Escribe. Here are two screenshots of my mod window, and device monitor: Edit: My batteries are freshly charged via an external charger right now, when I took the screenshots. If it helps I can vape a little bit and post updated screenshots later.
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