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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    VaporState Theme
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Rick & Morty Theme
  3. Hi all ive been here not so long this is my first attempt at a theme to be honest it took me ages to get the hang of the photo editor. lol I had fun doing it and learnt something. I hope you like it. REBLEDNATHEMEEVLOV.zip rebeldna250theme.ecigtheme
  4. Version 2.0.1


    This time round I added a lot more screens and features for a more in-depth DNA experience.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Das Perfekte Theme für jede Paranormal "C" mit wooden Plates. I hope you enjoy
  6. このカスタムプロファイルを試してみてください. Nihon Katana_SAP.ecigprofile
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hier mein entworfenes DNA Family GuyTheme in Deutsch, ich hoffe es gefällt euch.
  8. DNA paranormal 250 mod. No voltage from Cell 1 So I cannot put in LI-ION battery mode. works fine in either usb power or power supply mode. there was nothing that provoked the occurance. it happened between puffs out of the blue.. thinking somehow the wiring to cell 1 is shorted?? any input/help appreciated thanks
  9. Hey guys, just got my paranormal 166 a few days ago, just upon checking escribe it offered me to update to the latest service pack and since i changed some values in escribe i had to upgrade or it wont save my data. Since then, battery life went from outstanding to average,( it took 2xvtc5a a full day from 8am to 10pm almost constant use on 0.2ohms and 85w, now its like my old wismec, 1puff 1percent lol))but my biggest issue is, that if i change batteries, the percentage wont change. I was on 85%, changed batteries to fully charged ones and it stayed on 85%, i used it, recharged the other ones just to see and since it was on 78% the new fully charged batteries show 78% too and as it is depleting and doesnt recognize the change when it goes to 13-15% it will stop firing no matter how well charged the batteries are in it?! Damn these service packs and firmware upgrades 🙄 have anyone experienced anything similar with the new service pack?
  10. I am searching for the 3D model of the DNA 250 Chip assembled in the VT167. It's not he same of a normal 250 because it have a extra part for the battery contact. I use Solidworks so it will be appreciated in this format. Thanks in advice, Daniele,
  11. My therion wont turn on had fully charged batteries in it left it in my car for a bit then when to fire it.. nothing. Nothing happens when I plug it in to a wall or plug it in to a computer. It’s lifeless😢 a few days ago I had the check battery error but after a few hour it stopped displaying it and went back to normal is my box not working now cause of the error????? Please help I need to vape and I have no back up 😩
  12. Anyone else get a new coil question every time you fire after waking up device? DNA 250.
  13. Hello ! My screen replacement just arrived, but I honestly have no idea where to begin and I can't find any guide online pertaining specifically to VTBox 250 by VapeCige. The screen is the large replacement you can order from evolvapor itself (https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250) Does anybody have any related experience or can guide me in the right direction? Thanks!
  14. Just got the Evolv 250 today and downloaded escribe and everything. As the main factor on the screen (the big one) it's giving me the option to change the temperature instead of the watts. I've figured out how to change the watts (lock the screen, hold down the buttons) but I don't want to have to go through that process every time I want to change the watts, especially when changing the temp is pretty useless to me. I can't find a way to change it on escribe. On there it looks like the watts should be on the main screen. How do I change this??
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