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dna250c disscharging one battery more

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Good Day

Hope someone can help mabey a setting on escribe to change on my dovpo riva dna250c when battery indication shows 50% i put batteries on charge exgternal charger to see the one is under 30% and one Over 80% 

What can i check to have better discharge equally both batteries are married always together in this device

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What does EScribe's Device Monitor say that the votage for each cell is when indicator is 50%?

Being that they are in a series when used in the mod the amount of discharge  is equal.

Perhaps one cells is defective/weak

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Does this happen with all your battery sets? If yes, clean the battery contacts in your mod with isopropyl alcohol, as well as the top and bottom of each battery.

The next time you use your external charger, You can put a piece of tape on the low one, or a dot from a sharpie. That's just to identify them

Right now, using escribe -> device monitor, you can check/enable 'cell 1' and 'cell 2' then take a puff. Do those 2 lines show very similar behavior, or does 1 drop more? Now, unplug your mod, swap the same batteries around. Plug mod back in, and take a puff. If that 'low' followed the swap, it's the battery. 

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