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How to set up the Display-Power Lock feature correctly on a theme?


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Thanks Wayneo. 

6 hours ago, Wayneo said:

Considering everything is locked unless it's first highlighted and then selected, seems like an option for the overly cautious.

Anyway, I'd set it up as a toggle, aka on/off. 

Yeah I know it's probably not gonna get used by most but one person I know really wants it to work for them. I tried explaining that all it does is lock the power so it can't be changed but that's exactly what they want. As you said I made it a toggle in my lock settings screen. But then there's this special usage screen called power lock. So I made a whole new screen for that with a status at the bottom bc you have to set up a button press sequence in escribe to unlock the power lock using up, select, down buttons. Also you're supposed to be able to hold up and down or press them twice I don't remember at this moment to automatically power lock, but that isn't working. I have the settings in escribe set up for power lock and have the latest firmware and updated and so on, but it isn't working correctly. I'm doing something wrong or overlooked something or just don't understand it's flow in theme designer. I just thought that it would be easier to ask someone who knows than screw around in theme designer for who knows how long. Thanks Guys. 

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My bad, man. I have led you astray. Normally a new feature would have been identified with the corresponding SP release.

The unlock sequence is shown here in escribe1926651417_PowerLocksequence.thumb.png.8550e6bad2ead1a2b7fd046a1a352ce9.png

And you've already seen this information/warning


@James Can you please explain how to use the new 'Special Usage' screen 'Power Lock' and the relevant Theme Designer fields

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It's all good man. Thanks for looking into it for me. And to answer your questions. Yes I have set that up in escribe even changed the lock sequence from select, select, select to up, down, select, to up, up, up, and so on. The unlock sequence does work on my power lock screen. Yes I have also seen that screen. The device the theme is going on is a DNA100C.

So here's what I did thinking it would work. I made my power lock toggle on a screen with my other lock settings like auto lock and clicks to lock etc. I even added a condition to the power lock toggle of hidden if the device is not power lock capable. Then I made my power lock screen with a status at the bottom to enter the power lock sequence but did not place anything else on this screen.

When I use the power lock toggle, click the toggle to turn power lock on, the toggle changes to the on check and stays on this screen. If I hit the power button the device will fire which I have this screen able to be fired on. If I try to hit any of the up, select, down buttons it then takes me to my power lock screen that I have set up where I must enter the select, select, select sequence to unlock. If I don't enter the sequence and instead hit the fire button it takes me back to the screen that I have the power lock toggle set up on and fires the device, but I cannot move from the power lock toggle with any of the buttons. So if I hit fire it fires from the toggle screen. If I hit any one of the up, select, down buttons it goes to power lock screen to enter the sequence. Then if I enter the sequence it unlocks everything and the device goes back to normal.

So I think that I have it set up properly, THINK. Is this how the power lock is supposed to function on a theme? I thought it would just lock the power until you unlocked it. I didn't think it would just keep you on the toggle screen and just let you fire the device and that's it until you enter the unlock sequence. So what is the purpose of this new power lock?

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