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[Request] Escribe app dark theme/skin

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I use DNA in multiple device for around a year. I want first to give a background to cover why this is important to me and people in the same spot.

For around 9 years i have multiple surgery on both eyes, i will dont be specific becose it is hard to describe surgery and what was done but in short i have implants. Also first i have laser therapy. Now iI'm using strong pressure drop mediceaments. Why wriye tjos becose ? It's very simple bright colors like white, blue, yellow and every other like these couse after 4/5 minutes of watching constant bright color high pressure rise on eyes and must take medicament to drop it but configure the mod in app dont take few minutes but a lot longer so this is really a paint to make changes. 

This is why write this thered to ask and hope development team of DNA will consider this not becose of it's cool or someone have have this thout but from the health stand point of person like me who want to use the mod in full way and dont worry about pain. imple black or dark greay background with white letters will be amazing.

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3 godziny temu, James napisał:

Are you using Windows 10? This version fixes EScribe Dark Mode  on Windows 10. (On earlier versions, if you are using a high contrast dark theme, it should be dark as well.)


Sound great but I'm in the Eu so if I install the US version of escribe there will be no cut on power ? Becose if remeber it correct on US there is some strange law that you czant use 100W.  I ask beose if make any change and sve it it will change the maximal WW ?

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18 godzin temu, Wayneo napisał:

Install the International version and try the dark mode. I won't repeat what you said, because that's not the case.

Just installed the ver, 47 :) It's dark and better to work eyes will dont hurt like on white background. Thanks. When the full ver. of SP 47 come out it will replace the beta or must install ot manual ?

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