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Sq essent 75


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The coil has a certain sluggishness when heated - the thicker (and lower resistance), the more sluggish. You need more power to reach the target temperature than to maintain it. With "boost" you provide more power for a short moment at the beginning of the puff. Problem: If you set a value that is too high, an already heated coil can quickly burn the cotton.

If you finally press "Save" in Replay mode after several puffs, it may be that the previously set power is not sufficient to heat up a cold coil to the saved temperature (or the saved resistance value during the puff) right away with the first puff . With "warmth" you allow the mod to deliver more power. Problem: If you set a value that is too high, the coil will quickly burn your cotton.

Don't be confused if I keep talking about temperature, although "only" wattage is used - it's always about heating the coil to a certain temperature, even if this isn't the direct control factor. The replay mode is based on the change in resistance of the coil, which is why it can only work with temperature-sensitive coils.

With "boost" and with "warmth" the increment (1 to 11) depends on the underlying performance. i.e. with more output power, each increment means more power plus than with a lower output power.

"Preheat" is a special form for temperature-sensitive coils (e.g. SS316): this function is similar to "boost", but has some peculiarities, which I would go into separately if necessary. Here, custom themes open up wide (theoretical) possibilities, which are often misunderstood.

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