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Fire button pressed, only fires half of the time

Phone Guy

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Have a fresh board in a 250c mod just built, everything is working fine. Connected to escribe and adjusted settings accordingly. But for some reason the board does not respond to the fire button being pressed half of the time? While connected to device monitor, I can see when it vapes correctly and everything looks right. When the misfire happens the only drop I see is the voltage but only for a split second. Just enough to let me know it recognized the button press. It takes two or three presses to vape. Ive built quite a few mods, never had this happen before and I am stumped. Any ideas on how to try and diagnose?

Here is a picture from device monitor, the first dip is a button press with no vape, the next two are button presses with vape.


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Well it does sound like it is the fire switch right on the board. They can be disassembled and cleaned right on the board.

See all of those buttons bottom right in EScribe's Device Manager? Click on the one just left of the top Puff one. There you can fire without using the board button. Does this work perfectly?

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