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21700 Battery Cradle + Board mount

Russ ModCrate

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I have been working on this DNA 75C Cradle and board mount on and off for a year. My main goals were to get rid of traditional wiring, integrate board mounting and standardize assembly movements.  As of now the entire cradle and be populated outside of an enclosure and the board will power on as pictured below.  I am looking for some feedback on this idea. Normally I don't share in process projects but I would like to deliver something polished.  Let me know if anyone is interested and would like me to post additional photos.


Silo Core  DNA75c mounted.jpg

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First off... That's very innovative thinking and the mod looks sweet! You are pretty good. I noticed that you debossed the battery/board ventilation holes on the bottom. That's smart for many reasons, especially for a keeping water out when it's standing on wet surfaces. 

I've been working on a custom mod in CAD software. I'm trying to design the board support and battery support/contacts right now. My goal is to provide sturdy support but also protection from drops ( I drop my mods alot 🤷) and it's a tough issue. Currently I'm researching different material properties and that's all I'll say publicly, until I figure it out at least, as to how I'm planning on achieving this. This is definitely a cool idea. I have a couple questions for you about it. 

Does it cause any excess/extra heat to the battery or board since they sharing the same material for heat to dissipate onto? Did you apply any other heat release design features to the mod? Lastly, have you dropped the mod yet and how did it fair with the design you have? 

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