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Please Fix DNA 60 Small Screen Fonts and Icon Battery


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Dear Evolv DNA developers,

I've been using dna60 small screen for almost a year,
I'm not very comfortable with some of the displays that come with dna60ss, some fonts look really bad and hard to read.
Different with dna bigscreen versions, that look better and are easier for users to read,

I have attached some examples below,

1. Ohm and Volt Display

Ohm and volt display is a very important part because it is always seen by the user, I took this picture using the capture feature from escribe, and I resize this


1. Original Evolv


2. Pict 2

Look at the ohm and volt display from evolv, I think 0 look like Q, and some numbers may need to be fixed, but I see more often 0, so it's best to change like to Pict 2, because it's more comfortable to look that.

In watt display 0 watt until 60 watt don't have problem at all, it's been very good.

1055839790_Pict2file.png.d4156d8187758f5f9e3be9941cb74d6c.png Pict 2 file 96x16


2. Letter and Number Display

Maybe some letters and numbers in the picture below also need a lot of improvement too


1. Original Evolv


2. Pict 3

Look in the serial number and version, on the top row JMGBKC, and bottom row S8203, it's looks not so good. 
When I first saw the letter that should be letter G, i really don't know what it is, i found out it was the letter G when I see it from escribe app.

on Pict 3 JMGBKC - S8203, I think looks better.

 1527002131_Pict3.png.e8fca65c1cf27f55ef098b9abf5e0c95.png Pict 3 file 96x16


3. Battery Indicator

On the battery indicator charging display I also think there are some things that need to be minor fixed.


1. Original Evolv


2. Pict 4

In original evolv picture you can see the battery bar is not precise, I think should be like in pict 4.

for optimize the battery calibration results in dna60ss, I hope the developer will also reviewing the battery indicator display from 0%-100% (below I attached it in zip),

this may be important for dna60ss because it shows the battery capacity used.

Battery Charging :

1299594609_1100.png.80123d4fe44d895c61f7a54bb02f940f.png 100%

587253155_275.png.dbc16fc93e01df6c7878b611b3c69b99.png 75%

1530088647_350.png.7c278df08c4941548961c8087855a467.png 50%

154108028_425.png.714d972307be5ec4121d6f268c2d9337.png 25%

1822460613_50.png.61094240874007cc3ae9fdfdfe0f792b.png 0%

Battery Indicator 0%-100% :



I made this post because this part cannot be done using the escribe app. please change it with 1bit resolution png.

We really hope the developer will optimize and fixed dna60ss display problem, we are waiting for the next update.

Thankyou so much

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Umm @krmatw, the pixel count is really small on the small screen. Not a lot you can program to make it easier to read. The only thing to really make it better is a higher pixel screen. But everyone who wants it on their small screen DNA60 would have to replace their screens (if they even exist) with a firmware update. Are you willing to replace your screen? And how many others would? Like maybe just 6 people? That would be very costly for Evolv. Maybe it would cost Evolv like 5 grand extra for each of you for developing the firmware.

Second question is that I can't think of a single DNA60 mod sold with a small screen. Can you think of any? The only use I could think of for DNA60 small screen is to replace a DNA40 small screen mod with a DNA60. Is this what you have? I have three DNA40 small screen mods myself that I purchased three DNA60 small screen boards for. I haven't replaced any of them yet, but it is on my to do list. But they are a very low priority for me, so maybe never. I just don't use them enough to make it worthwhile.

So what are your thoughts and ideas?

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@BillW50 Sorry for my late reply bro ,

I as dna60 small screen user hope that EVOLV can keep going to develop dna60 small screen firmware so that it can run even better.

For now there are several modders who released products with these chip, like a Iaido by BP Mods, Cryptic by U-Mods, Unific by U-mods,  Baby Loki by GS Craft, Mellody Box SC by LCM, and many more.

I think this chip is special, because this is the only one that has a small screen and support Escribe application, that EVOLV have ever released.

Thanks for participating respond to my post bro

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