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DNA60 Remote Switches


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Hi all,

I am building my own boro mod using DNA60 board and want to use remote switches for Fire button and UP/Down buttons instead of onboard buttons. DNA60 data sheet says 


Fire button:

Use a momentary on, normally open type switch or button. A standard pushbutton switch is appropriate. The switch is a logic function all power switching is handled with transistors inside the DNA module, so the switch does not need to be rated for power. A waterproof or processed sealed switch is recommended. Please use caution, as the positive side of the fire button connects directly to positive battery voltage.

Up/Down buttons:

The small onboard buttons labeled UP and DOWN allow the user to increase or decrease the power level in .1 Watt increments. Alternatively, remote normally open type switches or buttons can be attached to the UP and DOWN mounting holes for customization.

I found these buttons on mouser.com https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/CK-Switches/KMT071-NGJ-LHS?qs=sGAEpiMZZMut9fa67LKaQk0qXR1EPlzM0Bq7WRKfNWk=

Can someone please tell me if the switches in the above link will work as remote switches for Fire button and Up/Down buttons.

Also If anyone know better switches available please give me links to them.

Thanks in advance

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