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DNA100C fits in LV Ursa

Tina Eire

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The Lost Vape Grus can be modified with a DNA75C Board, but the Ursa has the USB port in a lower position than the Grus.
So I wondered if the DNA100C Board would fit into a Ursa. To make it short: it does :) Even the cables do not need any change as the soldering points are nearly 1:1 on the Ursa STM32 board and the DNA100C board.
The original Ursa display can be used as well, it needs only 2 adjustments in ESribe:

IMHO it is not worth the work as the Ursa STM32 board (Quest) can be flashed with Arctic Fox and get similar functionality than a DNA. But it is 100% doable 😜


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43 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

Welcome @Tina Eire 👋
Do you have a photo of the final swap to show?
I'm not even remotely surprised by LV and the URSA quest fitment of the DNA board. Not even that the screen is swappable
Can you comment on the cabling gauges in the URSA?

Hi Wayneo,
Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the DNA100C in the 'tray' and I did not measure the gauges of the cables. I rebuild the STM32 board back in as I will put Arctic Fox onit and build a nice stabwood mod with the DNA100C. What I could do is open the Ursa again and make a photo of the STM32 board mounted, if that helps.

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