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DNA60 Fire Button Miss clicks - replacement

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I am daily using a custom mod with DNA60 about 1.5 years. Fire button starts working with miss clicks and I want to replace it, but I can not find exactly same button on US market, can somebody please provide a link where to buy it, or even the component name.


If somebody worries, I have required skills and equipment to replace it :)

Thank you!

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Umm... @AlexeyK, I don't want to scare you. But when I sourced components like this in the past, they won't even talk to you if you just want to buy one. They will only talk to you if you purchase something like 5000 or more.

Although if nobody offers a better solution, I may have found something that may work ok that you only need to buy in a lot of 20 or so. You can purchase something under the search of "Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch". I've seen them on Amazon and I am sure eBay probably has some too for about $9. For example:


If it were me, I'd probably remove the switch from the board and try to disassemble the switch and repair it. You also could try contact cleaner, but the switch is waterproof, so it probably wouldn't get in there very well if at all. If that didn't work well either, I'd probably grab a switch off of one of my defective boards I have lying around here. I'd guess that 99.9% of Evolv fire switches should last a lifetime. So I wouldn't worry about an used one.

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