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Warranty service when connected to external USB charger

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The board in my HCIGAR VT250 died, so I just replaced it this afternoon. Everything is wired as per the original. It all seems to work fine too, when configured with the VTC5A discharge profile that I'd previously generated a few years back.

When I connect the device to my PC for uploading escribe profiles, I noticed it charges fine too via the USB port. 

However, I just connected it to an external USB charger like I normally do and got a "warranty service" message the moment I connected it. 

Anyone able to point me in the direction of what might be the problem? I'm guessing it's the higher charging voltage causing this, but not sure why...(it's a 5v 2A "intelligent" Anker charger; I use this one always to charge my mods)

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9 hours ago, dwcraig1 said:

Are you able to use a different cable with your external charger? I recall having a problem with getting "warranty service" message once but can't remember if it was from a particular cable or USB port.

So that was the problem it seems - the cable.

Curious, since it's the exact same cable I've always used. I first tried connecting the mod to a different charger and cable and it charged fine.

Then I used the cable from the second, working charger with the first charger that threw the error and it also worked fine.

And finally, the original cable with the second charger also threw the same error, so undoubtedly the cable at fault.

Thanks - that was a nice easy fix

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