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DNA 100C -> Boxer Mod -> cannot be connected with EScribe

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I purchased the Boxer Classic DNA100C Single 2X700 which arrived today.  Trying to alter a few settings in EScribe seems an useless effort, as it even won't get connected to EScribe. The device itself connects to my machine which is indicated by some red backlight behind the power button. I exchanged the included USB-C-Cable with some of mine; still to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Might that be caused by some faulty hardware? (Please don't tell, it is in total - with Taxes etc. - a posh 250 Euro + device.)  

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18 minutes ago, BillW50 said:

How old is your EScribe? Older versions knows nothing about the DNA100C.

Version 2.0 SP24 (international)

Should be the latest, shouldn't it?

ETA: There's some EScribe2_SP27_INT_ServicePack around. That's supposed to address DNA100C Chip. Figuring it out.

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found an update
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