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Having Issues with Reflex! Very Dissapointed.


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Hi there, I am currently having issues with my new Evolve Reflex. I purchased it on Friday 18th June and have been using it for 2 days. My issues are as follow:

- It makes these popping/cracking noises when I inhale and its a loud popping and sometimes spits e-liquid into my mouth with the popping. It's like a bubble gum bubble popping. Makes it very annoying and hard to inhale, even using the softest inhale, it will do it and anything higher than a soft inhale, it will 100% do it every single time, multiple times.

- The charging is odd, it will flash red and needs to be charged, so I plug it in and it has a solid red light colour and after 5-10 seconds, it will turn green instantly, however I know for certain it isn't 95%+ charged. Happens every time.

- The pods I have, one that came with the reflex and I purchased 2 others, two of them burnt out and have a burnt taste to them within 6 hours of sporadic use. I remember listening to Brandon on video say they will last at least a week, and I am not chain vaping it, I am using it for a handful of puffs an hour and the burnt taste happens very quickly and I trialled 3 pods, 2 burnt very quickly and the other one is okay so/so. Pretty much 2/3 no good.

- Is there any tutorial how to use describe on a Mac for the reflex? Any way to learn how to add profiles? Or what settings should be charged for airflow? I see there is a hack, however I don't think it works on Mac.

I am really loving the reflex and I will 100% keep it and throw away every other vape I have, however these minor issues are just causing me a hassle and it's one after another, they just keep happening and I have no idea if its normal to be burnt out in a few hours with average puffing. It's super frustrating with the charging too, the light goes green and it is supposed to be charged, then I use it and it says it needs charging...

I am using 50/50 Nic Salts with all 3 pods. I thought this was recommended, should I be using another liquid? The popping is so sudden and I hate having e-liquid spit into my mouth and so much for these pods lasting 1-2 weeks, more like 1-2 hours. VERY FRUSTRATING!

Any advice is very much appreciated.

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Yeah I don't know much about using nic salts with the Reflex. I believe most people are using freebase nicotine and usually not higher than 18mg (although you know best if you need more). The Reflex is very efficient at delivering nicotine, so you don't need so much.

The first color is the power level of the puff. You can change by cycling through them by pressing the button. That later color is the battery level after the puff. You said it is green. That means it is all charged up.

I don't know anything about adding more Profiles or using that hack. The only thing I did is with EScribe is to lower the power on all Profiles by a small amount. It seemed too warm to me but I usually do RDL vaping.

There are QR codes on the boxes and a sticker on the pod that you can scan with a cellphone and it will take you to the test results for that pod. So that is something to check if you think you have a faulty pod.

I'm still on my first pod and it has over 8000 puffs on it without a single burnt taste. It's not as flavorful of course using it that long. But I wanted to see how long it will last. I'm using freebase nic at 12mg. Mine doesn't pop or spit, but I keep mine upside down if I am not using it. Plus you rarely have to wipe down underneath the pod either.

Here, I added my settings which probably won't work for you (but who knows?).


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Just an update.

I have been dealing with Rob from StealthVapeUK and he has been very helpful.

The charging issue that I have is going to be resolved in the next firmware update.

I managed to get EScribe to work as well. I figured that due to all of the built-in safety protection features the Reflex has, that the fact I was using an adaptor for a Micro-USB cable to plug into the Type-C port on my MacBook, that it wouldn't recognise it, as the adaptor could potentially be a hazard. I ordered a Type-C to Micro-USB cable from amazon and it worked straight away. That's no longer an issue and EScribe works perfectly.

The popping issue and bursting of hot e-liquid is still an issue after we tried troubleshooting a few ideas to see if it would fix it, it didn't.

He has offered to send me a replacement pack of pods and some freebase e-liquid. I am going to test out the new pods and e-liquid and see if the issue is continuing.

I also just want add in, I love this Reflex and honestly believe it is hands down the best vape I own, even with these minor issues. I will continue to work with Rob and get to the bottom of the issue and am hopeful it will get resolved soon.

If anyone is reading this and tossing up whether or not the Reflex is for them, I would say 100% try it. It delivers nicotine better than ANY vape I have tried, and I have tried a few. It's super sleek and comfortable in the hand and I can only see it getting better over time.

Of course everyone's needs are different, this is just my experience, however I have certainly had more issues with other cheaper vapes and haven't had the service available to help rectify the issues. 

I will post another update after I test out the new pods and e-liquid and go from there.

Also Thanks to BillW50 for replying. :) 

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Sounds like your eliquid may be too thin or your pods wick was a bit on the loose side causing flooding and popping. I had opposite as i’m using high vg eliquid and struggled at first to get it to wick well. I have noticed that the cotton fill is a bit variable. My first few pods the cotton was really tight in the coil- too tight. I ended up teasing out some cotton from the wick with tweezers and it worked much better. Since then i’ve had a few where the cotton seemed a bit loose but not an issue with my thicker eliquid. I think this is maybe something evolv should look at in terms of qc. They could maybe offer different options on wicking tightness for high vg or high pg liquids.

I had some charging issues but they were resolved by firmware update.

I love my reflex too :)


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