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Boost control


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I am running the US version of escribe and in power mode if I try to increase the boost (to anything past 0) it comes up with a system message that it’s for the international version and do I want to proceed? 

    I would like to use a small amount of boost control for my DNA 60 mod in power mode BUT I certainly don’t want to create more problems for my mod or myself lol 

    Can anyone confirm if it would be ok to upload a boost setting to my device (in power mode) with the US version of escribe safely?


Thanks in advance for any help and much appreciation the time..

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Thanks for the quick reply..

  So it’s basically just installing (or re-installing ) the INT version of escribe on my PC and going from there. 

  Hmm.. I wonder why that is?

 Oh! Will all my profiles and saved settings from the US version of escribe be accessible and able for me to access?

  Thanks a lot Wayneo 

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Thanks again,

  I really appreciate how committed you are to answering questions on here. 

  This is certainly not the first time you’ve helped me with a question or problem and I just wanted to send a big Thank you your way..

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