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Help Needed! Sxk bb floating Ohms


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   I have a sxk bb with dna 60 and am running a signature tips chimney for the old style EUC coils. 

    Atm I got a 0.5 ohm EUC CC (316ss).

  I’m running it in power mode (like I have done with all my devices using these coils) but I noticed as soon as I fire the device.. the resistance jumps from .5 to .68 - .69 ohms and at that resistance the battery cannot supply a mere 32 watts of power for more than a couple of hours of vaping (or after the battery drops below ~75% charge). 

  I tried to lock the ohms but despite the lock symbol on the screen the resistance still jumps way up (it just has a lock next to it now smh). 

   I’ve had Other dna boards and when I lock my resistance it stays there? 

   All I can think of is maybe since the EUC coil is a ceramic w/316ss Clapton coil inside..

could  my dna be sensing that it’s not kanthel rather SS316 and doesn’t know what to make of it?

  Either way I’m not really sure how I can  alleviate  This problem and get my BB working smoothly (with this coil type)  

So..  Any help would be greatly appreciated and extremely gracious of you  


Thanks in advance


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I also use the same and SS increasing in resistance is perfectly normal. SS coils from room temperature to vaping temperatures, the SS will increase resistance usually by about 20%. The resistance will drop back to normal at room temperature. Yours is changing by 60%. That is either running them very hot (way higher than 600°F) or the top nut (that holds the drip tip) isn't making a good enough connection. Usually loosening and retightening a few times cures it. If not, some cleaning maybe required.

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Thanks I was thinkig of cleaning the nut and the threads (because of tiny bits of residual paint from the factory)..

 Although one major thing is that I am NOT running it in TC mode rather straight power (wattage) mode.. could this be the reason my resistance is flucuating so much?

  lastly I did try using TC mode but it was barlely enough to fire it with what I had it set to.  do you have any reccomendation for TC setting(s) that I could use for the EUC SS316 Ceramic coils?

  Thanks again

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Your resistance will fluctuate whether you're running in TC or not. As the DNA reads the live resistance.

Yes you can run them in TC mode just fine. Using the SS316 profile should work. There are two ways to run TC. Either in Power Dominant or Temperature Dominant mode. Power Dominant mode vapes just like power mode. Toggling between Power Dominant and Temperature Dominant is selectable for each Profile in EScribe by checking or not the Temperature Dominant box. All is does is the change what the up and down buttons change. Power Dominant mode the up and down buttons changes the power up or down. You could set the temperature at max while you adjust the wattage.

Once you get the vape where you like, you can drop drop the temperature until you notice the vape is getting cooler. Just set it a bit higher and then you are good. To change temperature from Power Dominant mode...

  • 5 fire clicks to lock
  • Press down up and down buttons for a few seconds
  • Now press up or down buttons to adjust temperature


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Hey man..

  Thanks for the advice!

it seems (fingers crossed) to be working much better. 

  I really appreciate your help and quick reply.. 

Many many Thanks



   I have used both SS316 and a ss316clapton.csv although they are both very similar for the coil I’m using 



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