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★ HOW TO Post/Share a Theme ★

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Your theme should be in the 'Theme Park' which will generate extra images on your behalf. 👍
You should add some words in the "About This File" section

It will be in a Pending state until approved by a Moderator, at which time it will be visible to all users.

By submitting the file properly, it will bring more visibility to it and allow reviews and comments
The easy way is directly from within Theme Designer using the 'Share' button.


Post your theme in the proper Category. Sample 'Color' theme entry below
The other way is going to "Downloads  ➡ DNA 75 Color, 250 Color" and submitting it there.

Excellent write-up from @Mr.Bottomfeeder 

To select a preview-Picture for the topic-list and edit Detail Information of your Theme:

After uploading or updating your ecigtheme file(s), each time you have to wait a few minutes for the website software to finish the indexing of all the screens your theme contains.

Then enter the Theme-Description-Page again and:

1. Scroll down until the link "File Options" appears at the bottom left of the theme page and click onto this link

2. In the pop-up that get visible now, click "Edit Details".

3. Make your changes in the description, if needed. Otherwise forward with point 5.

4. Scroll the page down and click in the lower right side of the page onto the blue "Save" Button.

5. If you can see a preview-picture and a image containing all your theme pages in top of the "Edit Details" page, this is a sign, that the Forum-Software has finished the integration of the tumbnail-preview-pictures of your theme-file.

Now you can scroll down to the block "First Screenshot" and select either the main image or the image what shows all used theme screens in one picture as the main image what you want to get displayed in the topic list and click onto the correspondenting radio-button.

If no such pictures appears in "First Screenshot", you have to wait a little longer and reload the "Edit Details" page in your browser as often, as the preview pictures will appear in the top of page. Then repeat point 5.

6. If you have successfully chosen a Preview-Picture, click in the lower right side of the page onto the blue "Save"-Button.

This way you can insert your Theme image in the category overview page, because a missing main picture is not really informative for the other visitors. 😉

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