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Cheat sheet (key combos) for non color mods


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Cheat sheet for non color mods. The only thing missing is the boost punch feature (like pre-heat for any wire type not used in a TC mode). Works for board types 60, 75, 250, and 200 (except boost punch)

Boost Punch - Go to a non TC profile (watts material). Lock mod (click 5x). Hold + and - minus at the same time. Then up or down. 1-11 proportional for 1 second. Unlock mod.
It’s a 1 second boost, proportional, like on TC

This was created by user wanderb. Below were his words

Coming from years of using YiHi boards, I found it hard to remember all the different button combinations to configure my Therion 166. To help alleviate that problem I made a creditcard sized cheatsheet that you can print, and store in your wallet.

Print the attached PDF (do NOT scale to fit), cut out the desired cheatsheet (regular creditcard size, and slightly smaller to leave room for laminating), then fold it over. One side has TC mode, the other side wattage mode.

Glue the final product shut, or laminate it and cut it out again. The smaller version has 2mm less on each side, which makes it creditcard sized after laminating.


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