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3 light problem with Reflex


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My Reflex has already gone thru RMA, just waiting on the replacement device shipment to arrive. I just wanted to share my experience in the forum.

I used Lava Flow nic salt 30mg (50/50 PG/VG) liquid in my Reflex I love the way it vapes. I cleaned the liquid below the pod during refills.

After a few days of vaping with it, I started getting the 3 light problem on my Reflex. It stops vaping and displays 3 different lights (blue/green/red, then the reverse after some time) on the fire button.

When I blew air thru the bottom vent hole and covered up the charging hole, some liquid oozed out of the led button, then it worked ok for a few hrs. 

This continued till it totally stopped working with the 3 light problem. Connecting to escribe showed the device connecting and disconnecting constantly.

Device shutdown by blowing sometimes displays white light that goes off, or stays on for some time. It probably depended on when I blow air with the 3 light sequence repeating.

I hope that I received a defective device (as suggested by Evolv support), and I dont face this problem anymore with the replacement.

I kind-of suspect it is the liquid/juice seeping into the electronics compartment that resulted in the hardware problem.

What liquid do you guys use with your Reflex?

Do you guys recommend 60/40 or 70/30 juices instead of 50/50 to keep your reflex working?


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I use 70VG and 50VG in mine.

I too was concerned about juice getting inside even though the PCB has been conformal coated. So when I store mine, I remove the pod and store it upside down. I also store the device upside down too. Although I never seen anything come out of it yet.

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I have not experienced this light issue but I have experienced a fair amount of e liquid seepage. I dab the bottom of the pods and inside of the device frequently but still have e liquid that seeps out the bottom of the device and gets on my hands. I typically use a 70vg liquid. I think I'll try BillW50's technique of storing the Reflex upside-down at night.

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