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Complete Noob. No new User Guide? Questions Inside.

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Hey gang. JUST got my new setup in, and I'm a bit in over my head.

Just a few questions I have:

1. Why, when I go into SS mode, do I have 2 wattage settings? (Using the Digital Theme if that helps.)

2. I think I have the reistance set, but when I fire, the resistance still seems to be moving. Any clue on that?

3. Right when I hit the button, I see Throttling. So It's not firing at all. I'm using flattened braided coils at .13 ohms at 3mm... SS316.


I have looked around, but there seriously isn't a DNA for Dummies guide anywhere? 

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I'm going for question #2, the non resistor wire  used for TC changes resistance when heated. Each material changes a different amount. By constantly reading the resistance the board can measure the temperature of the coil dependent upon which material is selected.

If used in wattage mode the board would regulate the voltage to maintain the set wattage due to the resistance change. 

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You are correct. There is no new user guide but one suggestion is to go watch a couple youtube videos on the DNA board/mod. DJLSSBvapes has quite a few, or a technical reviewer. You will get a better basic understanding.

Questions #1 and #3 are both theme specific, you need to read the 'about this file' section for that file, and IIRC he used the trem 'throttling' instead of the official 'temp protect'. OR, you could just comment in that theme and get a direct reply from the author.

Back to question #1. Yes, one could/would be the preheat watts. Question #3, check all your connections are solid, and the stability of your build using 'Atomizer Analyzer' for that coil, in escribe.

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