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First DNA Mod, Replay and TC Question


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Hi All thanks for reading this post, pardon me if i asked anything absurd (or considered) its my first DNA device,  i got it made by local modder by supplying him with all the parts necessary, now the mod is at my hand. i have couple of question

1. Does 510 connector affect TC vape?, i bought it fairly cheap from our local e-commerce store (Below 3$)

2. Does wire used affect TC/Replay.. since i don't buy the wire needed (i should've) i don't know what type or size of wire the modder use, I've sent him the spec sheet from evolv website,and i presume that he'll use the suggested wire size/type from that sheet

3. Does theme (From evolv theme park) has anything to do with performance?


I've tried two tank so far, and every time i hit replaysometimes it saving the puff sometimes it doesn't, and in tc mode it always say temp protected. i hope some one would help me. I'm going to send the mod back to the modder this coming Tuesday (August 18th) cause my screen isn't really in a good alignment. if the above factor will affect the mod performance, I'll try to double check with the modder to get it fix.



Thanks guys, cheers

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My experiences.

1. I'd say IF your atty is making a solid connection would be most important. Money does not always mean quality. I have swapped out 510's due to them being shitty and it was expensive.  You can check the stability of your atty connections using 'Atomizer analyzer' in any profile. 

2. If he followed the spec sheet he should be fine for the wires. As well as good soldering connections.

3. No.

Make sure you're using a proper TC capable coil as the core wires for Replay

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