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Blinking Serial number

Moe KarimKarim

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Hi, the other day I was plugging in my device wasn’t expecting much but all of a sudden, my computer crashed. I tried plugging it in a few more time but it kept crashing. If any one knows the solution that will help me a lot!

I have a Windows 10 Desktop Dell Inspiron, and I have a Lost Vape Drone DNA 250, And I have a Rebel Dna250c

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First time I get my dna 250c I connected to the computer everything was fine I am trying now to have a theme and upgrade the software every time I connected advice computer crash please if somebody can let me know why the computer crash it’s a desktop Dell One more thing my drone DNA 250 C loss Vape squawk mod hi See just a quarter of the above info stats meaning buff info counter if you will just can

See a quarter of the number the other upper part is not visible I’m not sure what’s the problem


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