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  1. Moe KarimKarim

    Blinking Serial number

    Moderator Edited: Irrelevant word soup removed. ................. but all what I really need advice for my dna software please I need help with Upgrade software/firmware
  2. Moe KarimKarim

    Blinking Serial number

    First time I get my dna 250c I connected to the computer everything was fine I am trying now to have a theme and upgrade the software every time I connected advice computer crash please if somebody can let me know why the computer crash it’s a desktop Dell One more thing my drone DNA 250 C loss Vape squawk mod hi See just a quarter of the above info stats meaning buff info counter if you will just can IMG_0488.MOV See a quarter of the number the other upper part is not visible I’m not sure what’s the problem
  3. Moe KarimKarim

    Blinking Serial number

    Hi, the other day I was plugging in my device wasn’t expecting much but all of a sudden, my computer crashed. I tried plugging it in a few more time but it kept crashing. If any one knows the solution that will help me a lot! I have a Windows 10 Desktop Dell Inspiron, and I have a Lost Vape Drone DNA 250, And I have a Rebel Dna250c
  4. Moe KarimKarim

    Lost vape drone squonk mod dna 250c

    The rebel and the drone has the factory theme which is evolv when I tried to do the firmware battery lose power so fast on the both devices so I return the evolv theme then the battery and power it’s so much better it doesn’t lose power fast
  5. When I go to settings then chose system then choose about so serial number shows then allows one word start to blank every second on and off don’t now what is causing the blank evolv cheap I have rebel squonk mod and it does same thing I contact the company they said upgrade the firmware and update firmware anyway my son did what the company asked me to do because I don’t know how to do it and the rebel is still the same nothing changed is still blanking like the drone do you have any idea what is going on I Hope you get what I’m saying 59195205490__7BB91EFB-9BB9-4EAE-BE22-98F2AC20CC83.MOV