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Blank / black screen


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Hello guys, 

I have this 3 pieces dna 200 board all of the had same issue.

i put working screen but it shows Very very  light backscreen almost cannot see in room light.

i tried to upgrade the firmware and reset back and forth and still the same.

i put 100% brightness in escribe but still the same

any idea how to solve this issue? Is there a busted component connected to backlight screen needed to replace?

thanks in advance.

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2 hours ago, Wayneo said:

After you do that, did you upload those settings to the mod? OR, could there be a darkened opaque cover over the actual screen?

I did upload the setting.

there’s no cover on the screen. screen perfectly fine I tested it in working dna board.

thanks for replying though.

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Hi,... When I run eagle from the command prompt I get a black screen that Sign In on the top program window. Below is an example of the information that I get when I try to run eagle from the command prompt. The ERROR that is printed repeats about 20 times before stopping and then nothing happens. I have tried going back and running other versions of 9.x.x and it has generated the same issues.

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