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  1. Vixcent

    Blank / black screen

    I did upload the setting. there’s no cover on the screen. screen perfectly fine I tested it in working dna board. thanks for replying though.
  2. Vixcent

    Blank / black screen

    Hello guys, I have this 3 pieces dna 200 board all of the had same issue. i put working screen but it shows Very very light backscreen almost cannot see in room light. i tried to upgrade the firmware and reset back and forth and still the same. i put 100% brightness in escribe but still the same any idea how to solve this issue? Is there a busted component connected to backlight screen needed to replace? thanks in advance.
  3. give me advice guys before i continue using this new mod. i have efusion dna 200 i converted to my wismec 200dna. basically i used efusion chips transfer or converted to wismec because i want to used 3 18650 battery instead of lipo. heres my problem,in mod tab there is no battery option so i used powersupply instead of lipo.if i chose lipo it will shut off after i remove in usb.its so strong it might blow to my face.😫😫😫😫 even i put 40w only. and the battery indicator dont show correct %. what should i do/change in the settings so it will be safe to use.
  4. Vixcent

    hcigar vt dna 200 shorted issue

    my battery volts way too low, around 1.67v. this is new battery i just charge once. i need to buy new battery and charger maybe i can revive my battery. i will update when i got new batts.
  5. im just wondering how to fix this.when i plug in escribe he can recognize it but when i press it says the way i remove the battery because my battery has some issue( not charging). i tried to jumper the atomiser direct to the board in case the 510 pin is bad but same result. shorted.i check some solder if contact with other but seems fine.dont know what to do.give me some advice i already broke 1 dna 200. please help me.