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Duke 2 PMMA clear case


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I just received a new DNA75C based mod  that I purchased from a U.K. site that needs some further modification.   It was an expensive impulse buy, which appears that I didn't properly vette ahead of time. 

The case material itself is polished PMMA and houses the firing button within a metal strip.  The edges of the case are flush with that top metal strip all the way from the firing button (in the back), up to the ring (in the front) where the 510 pin is housed.  Beginning where the ring containing the 510 pin is housed,  a lip rises up (approx. 2mm) above the metal strip.    So on the front of the mod, the rounded front section of the clear case where you screw in your atomizer isn't flush with the top of the mod.   As you can imagine, this prevents any atomizer that can't fit cleanly inside that 2mm lip from screwing in low enough to make contact with the 510 pin.  I believe this translates to anything greater than 24mm.  

I'd like to trim this ridge down to make it flush, but don't want to damage the mod.  I was envisioning using a Dremmel or sander of some kind, but have never worked with this material before.  So, I wanted to run it by the builders here for advice before I proceed. 

I've included a link to a video,  clearly  showing the excess lip / ridge and a link to the mod website for reference.  Also attached pic.  Appreciate any help/advice anyone can provide.  It's a really slick device otherwise, but very depressing in its current state.



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19 hours ago, Wayneo said:

If that were me, I'd reach out to VA and ask them directly. They do claim 'Hand-polished finish'
OR because it's not DNA specific, look for a forum/group with more active modders


Thanks, I did reach out to them when I posted here and they told me it was a design decision (head scratcher lol).  That's all I could get out of them, so I pulled the trigger this weekend.  Super simple with the Dremel...just a few seconds and no need to polish, it came out fine.   Now I can actually use it :)





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49 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

Looks great 🤩 and helluva risk you took that worked. Kudos to you. 🙌

Thanks!  PMMA is just plexiglass, so I practiced on a 2 liter Coke bottle first and noticed it was really simple.  If anyone else finds themselves in the same boat, the biggest thing to be careful of is scratching the Ti metal strip. 

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