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Firmware Update for Mods

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With your mod connected to EScribe and Device Monitor tab selected the firmware version is in the lower right side corner.

The latest recommended version for 250C is 1.1 SP35  ( EScribe 2.0 SP17) and early release version is 1.1 SP38  (EScribe 2.0 SP19).


Most folks opt for the international version over the US version.

EScribe will tell you when an update is available but early releases are not included.


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5 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

LOL. Very first line, of the very first reply from dwcraig. LOL :)

Sorry guys. I guess I'm confused. I saw the version number. Can you check to see if that's the current one, or will it tell you that you need an update. My first mods like this...can you tell...lol. Love them both tho!

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Escribe is a suite of tools containing software for all mods, and firmware for some or all mods also. The notes are there in that thread identifying changes for each going back years. Latest at the very end. Under the options tab in escribe you can choose if you want to be notified of updates.

So the entire suite has a Service Pack number. Escribe software has a version number. Firmware has a different number.


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