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DNA 250c.. Stuck.


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So I tried to install a new theme on my DNA 250C. I guess somewhere along the way there was some type of disruption so it didn't get the full settings?  Anyways.. Screen on my mod is a white screen.. red letters says upload settings. But whenever I try to upload new theme, i get a message on my pc saying "The settings on this device are not complete. Restore default settings?".. When clicked yes it just fails to do so.. So idk im not too familiar with the escribe software a little help>


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  • Method 1. Open EScribe, go to "Help tab" and select "Backups".  The are dated, choose the one that you want. Connect mod and upload settings. Try with different cable if still having problems.

Method 2. (see image) If no backup is listed open EScribe with mod NOT connected and choose your board, batteries, ect. Save (under File tab) to where you can find it (desktop?) You need to give it a name. 

With mod connected to EScribe go to "File tab" and select "Open"......choose the file that you saved and upload settings.

Open EScribe.JPG

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