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DNA200 suddenly reading batteries incorrectly.


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I’ve had my Rebel Vapes DNA 200 for a couple of years and used it as my main mod, it’s held up really well and I love it. All of a sudden yesterday after charging the batteries externally and putting them back in it only read 83%. I thought it may be the batteries, VTC5a’s,  which were only a couple of months old, so I charged and put in a brand new pair. They read 86% so I took them out and put them in another mod which read them as 98%. I’m a bit confused as to why this has happened as it was reading them in the high 90’s prior to the other day. Anyway I just used the mod and it got down to 0%, usually at about 5% it used to tell me the batteries were flat. I continued for a further 40-50 puffs before it stopped firing and the batteries truly needed charging. The first response I’m likely to get is “connect to escribe and look at the settings” this is where the big problem lies, I’ve always charged the batteries externally and after the novelty of escribe passed, about 6 months after buying the mod, I haven’t used the usb socket, for some reason it now won’t connect to pc or charge via usb, I’ve tried several known working cables and nothing. Any advice appreciated. 

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That sounds like the connection to one of the batteries could be dirty or needs adjusting. I'd clean them up (battery and mod coonections) with some Isopropynol alcohol (I have used Windex in a pinch) and check them again. While you're doing that see if all 4 mod connections appear to be making good contact. Usually one end is fixed and the other springs/moves in and out.

Try that and report back :hand_splayed:

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