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DNA 250 super sub ohm firing range

Nitro Zeus

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I have an, Avid Lyfe medieval gyre slayer 18650 mech mod, with a comp lyfe bd24 battle deck, and battle x cap 24 rda, and i run .05-.07 ni90 dual coil setup builds, im trying to find a DNA 250 mod preferrably, that can fire and read a .05-.07 ohm coil build, does anyone know for absolute certain of one that can do this?

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I've seen very low builds with these boards with Nickel and Titanium in Temp mode.

Rarely do any of these mods come fully calibrated that I'd trust the resistance that low, up to my face.

My best suggestion would be for you to ask elsewhere where others vape that low and might have more input, or open a Help Desk ticket for their answer.

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