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Battery Blinking at 75 percentage


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DNA 200 with Gens Ace 3s 25c Lipo

I've noticed that the battery continues to get worse and now started blinking at above 70% using a 0.27 ss316l coil in temp mode hitting around 20 watts. When the battery icon starts to blink the vapor production falls and wattage falls to around 10 watts. Until I charge it up again. I've attached the mod to escribe and attached a picture.

1. 3.89v

v2. 3.88v

3. 3.93v

Is there anything I can try before replacing the battery?


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Using Device Monitor as pictured above note the voltage drop on each cell when firing. Your Cell Soft Cutoff by default is 3.09 volts. If one ore more cells drop below that it will throttle down. They should drop reasonably close to each other. If one is way off then most likely a bad battery. Is the pack swollen at all?

If your Cell Soft Cutoff is set way higher consider setting it to 3.09 volt area.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

After a three second puff, I noted all three cells reading as follows

1. 3.29v
2. 3.19v
3. 3.51v

Battery is at 47% percent

Pack is a little swollen, yes but nothing too bad. Not enough to warrant concern in my opinion. Just enough to notice.


I dropped the battery down to 44% and noticed this:

1. 3.33v
2. 3.09v
3. 3.61v

That cant be good :(

Also my soft cell cutout is set to 3.09v

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Are the voltage readings during firing or at Idle.  Also instead of posting battery percentage it would be better to post standing voltage as percentage is just an estimate.

But it's the voltage during firing that I'm interested in.

In my snip  where the red arrow is pointing it says 3.47 volts when I hoover my mouse there.  This is firing at 45 watts for 1 second then 35 watts on single 18650. 

Voltage drop.PNG

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Thanks for the input.

I didn't get a chance to do another escribe monitor, but I did replace the battery. So far so good. Even though I know it's a bad battery now, I've attached some pictures of the old one just because. Thanks again.



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