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cleaning chip


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12 hours ago, jinx'd said:

i'm not done with this topic.


but i have another ? for now.  DNA40, why no place for this ? bastard child chip ? i just got 1 in a BB and looking for info on it. 

And if you want information on any other older DNA or Evolv product you can find information going back in time on ECF... just search member id "retird" and you can scroll clear back in time to the Darwin days (Early 2011 if memory serves me and retired in Oct. 2012).  Evolv started with the Darwin.   You can also search member id names for several other folks who frequent this forum.... I've no permission to say who they are so won't mention their ID on ECF.....




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i used electrical cleaner. it helped, i think. the chip is not flickering like it was. but, it is still dim. that is until now, it just quit working.

i still think the connection is bad. but when i had the mod apart, i was afraid to unhook the screen. now, i wish i had. 

i am going to order a new chip and screen. as the mod is way worth the $55. 


this is what i did. the wood that you see, i made that from a block. the buttons also. 





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