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Wicking issues


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So I'm new to saltnik but I'm a vaper for about 6 years and know the basics and how to build ect..

I just perchased a lost vape dna go and it worked great for about 2 days, then just today I took a puff and it was very burnt tasting. Running on the middle power setting the whole time. Juice is not sweet. Take maybe 5 puffs every 2 hours or so, so I'm not overusing. I see that others have also had this problem as well but no solid answers. I saw that the pods are supposed to last around 2 weeks. It hasn't even been 3 full days. Using the .5 ohm pod. I tried opening the fill cap slightly as I saw in another forum, and it just flooded. Then closed it and burnt again. Tried going to the lowest setting to see if it would help and i get very dry puffs if not burnt. Is there some secret I'm not aware of? Am I doing something wrong? Or do i really need to replace the pod every 2 days? This is very frustrating that I spend 80 bucks for something I cant get to work pretty much right out of the box. Please help. Thanks in advance

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IMHO, from my take, burping (opening fill cap occasionally), turning down 'warmth', and using Replay will extend your pod life. Others have resorted to combing out some of the cotton to help them wick better. 

The better news is LV has announced new pods where the coil itself is replaceable and one is a mesh coil. IQS has also come out with a 3rd party pod. So all is not lost on your purchase.

Hope this helps :cool:

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I turned boost and warmth all the way to 0. And on the first pod I had to leave cap open half way when I was using it just to get a somewhat normal puff. Put a new pod on and have been running it on 7 watts no boost or warmth. Seems to be working but is only been a day so we'll see. I occasionally get a dryer puff off it but I'll puff without hitting fire once or twice and it clears up. I hope they release a better pod that would be great. Because this seems like a lot of hassle to just use the device as intended. Thanks for you help

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Just a quick experience sharing here. Got my Orion DNA a few weeks ago. Quickly turned off both the boost and warmth settings  through Escribe as advised here and there.
BUT was still experiencing dry hits on the third day of use of my 0.5 pods... I'm using 50/50 juice. So I started reading about combing, opening the top cap etc...

Here is what fixed everything on my side : I realize I was "just" tightening the cap too hard, and that if I only secure it "gently", the air bubbles show up as expected, and the coil seems to be moisted fast enough.
I'm now using a pod for 1,5 to 2 weeks without any issue, without combing the cotton or whatever.

Hope it helps !


SLNT (sorry for any major english mistakes^^)

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