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Found 8 results

  1. I've had 3 DNA go's so far. I currently have one working and 2 giving me the exact same issue (purple blinking lights and remaining locked). MY second one just started after a drop and i took it apart completely so im not worried about fixing that one but im trying to fix my original one i got back in March 2019. Board was flashed in January 2019. As of right now, I've hard and soft reset the device, updated it to the "plus" software, played around with wattage's to see if i can get it to fire at all and now I'm at a dead end. I've also submitted a help desk ticket. Any and all help is much appreciated. If i get any news from the ticket i will be sure to update this to help anyone else with this issue
  2. Hello guys, My Neo go mod needs some help. I noticed that no matter how much resistance my atomizer is , the output of mod can only reach up to 3.5V when the battery is fully charged. For example, my coil resistance value is 0.7 ohm,Even if I set 25W or 30W on the escribe, the actual output can only reach up to about 17.5w (or even lower), and the output voltage and output power will always decrease with the battery level. I wonder if DNA GO chips can't achieve constant voltage and boost voltage? Is the maximum output voltage of DNA chip (or my Neo go MOD) only 3.5V? Or is there something wrong with my settings? In addition, I can't find a specific introduction to DNA go chip. Can someone give me a link to relevant information? Thx for your reply!
  3. I've just received a Lostvape Orion with DNA Go chip Question is how do I get the Go chip recognised in Escribe. I've got version 15.1 installed but it doesn't recognise it Anyone else with a DNA Go board ?
  4. So I'm new to saltnik but I'm a vaper for about 6 years and know the basics and how to build ect.. I just perchased a lost vape dna go and it worked great for about 2 days, then just today I took a puff and it was very burnt tasting. Running on the middle power setting the whole time. Juice is not sweet. Take maybe 5 puffs every 2 hours or so, so I'm not overusing. I see that others have also had this problem as well but no solid answers. I saw that the pods are supposed to last around 2 weeks. It hasn't even been 3 full days. Using the .5 ohm pod. I tried opening the fill cap slightly as I saw in another forum, and it just flooded. Then closed it and burnt again. Tried going to the lowest setting to see if it would help and i get very dry puffs if not burnt. Is there some secret I'm not aware of? Am I doing something wrong? Or do i really need to replace the pod every 2 days? This is very frustrating that I spend 80 bucks for something I cant get to work pretty much right out of the box. Please help. Thanks in advance
  5. Okay guys so here goes. I bought this Orion a few months back and I'm having a wattage issue. My wattage setting is at 15 watts. Battery voltage and level are 95% and 4.1v. I should be getting a nice 15 watts hit right? Instead it peaks from the start a 2 watts or so and drops down to one. I used escribe to get a .CSV file I'll include in the post. Please and I million thank yous in advance for any help you can give. low fire wattage.csv
  6. Español---------------Detectar idiomaAcerbaixanoAfrikaansAlbanésAlemánAmháricoÁrabeArmenioBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosníacoBúlgaroCasacoCatalánCebuanoChecoChinés (simplificado)Chinés (tradicional)CingalésCoreanoCorsoCrioulo haitianoCroataDinamarquésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolEsperantoEstonianoÉuscaroFilipinoFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalegoGalésGregoGuxaratiHausaHawaianoHebreoHindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIorubaIrlandésIslandésItalianoKannaráKhmerKirguizKurdoLaosianoLatínLetónLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalabarMalaioMalgaxeMaltésMaoríMarathiMongolNeerlandésNepalíNorueguésNyanjaPanxabíPaxtoPersaPolacoPortuguésRomanésRusoSamoanoSerbioSesothoShonaSindhiSomalíSuahiliSuecoSundanésTailandésTámilTaxicoTeluguTurcoUcraínoUrdúUzbecoVietnamitaXaponésXavanésXeorxianoXhosaYiddishZulúEspañol I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it. I do not know if it is normal, although I would say no. When I load the device and it is connected to the monitor of the EsCribe the battery level oscillates all the time, 20% to the next second goes down to 19% then goes up to 21%, then goes back down to 19% .. and never reaches Load at 100% stays at 92-93%. The light never goes out even though I think that is normal but the load is never complete, another thing that I think happens is that it goes too fast from green to yellow. How can I solve it?
  7. Hey all I just bought the Orion and I have a few pods that it came with. Forgive me for this question because it might be a rookie question, but I have .25 ohm and a .5 ohm. Does it have anything to do with juice. Meaning does it matter if I put regular Ejuice (6mg) or Salt Nic in either pod or is one pod designed for Salt Nic and one for ejuice. Thanks in advance
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