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Discharge Profil Question


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I am new at making my own Hand Made DNA250c Lipo setup. I have atm 1550mAh 4s 75C lipo. And I wanted to ask you. If i gonna make discharge profile like this it gonna be good ? I dont wanna pass below 3.1V. Because I dont wanna damage battery or the chip. But When my setup toled me I have 3% battery left at 3,75V I was kinda stuned

Lipo 4s.csv

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Am I reading this right? You have four 1550 mAh LiPo cells wired in parallel?  Using Device Monitor while firing coil you will see your voltage drop. That will give the info needed.

If the wiring of the pack is up to it that sounds like it has a potential of over 100 amp output. You might consider adding a 35 amp miniature blade automotive fuse and holder between the pack and board if there is room.  Not to protect the board but to protect the user, man that is a lot of power. I like it.

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