paranormal DNA250C died on me

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i purchase myself a lost vape paranormal DNA250C like 2 month ago and this morning my mod start firing on it's own and the fire button was not working and to lock or stop my mod from firing i need to push on the down up or select button please someone help


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My Paranormal died also today, after 1 year and 2 month. When you are just in Holliday with this mod, you are very happy ;-(

When i leave it without battery for some times, and put again the batteries, it work well during 1 or 2 minutes. After this time, it does not want to fire, or sometimes does not want to unlock. Button goes crazy…… If connected to escribe, when i try to read the parameter, i get an eeprom read error.

Seems that temperature of the chipset rise when batteries are in the mod, and that the chipset fail to do anything.

I take care of my mod, no trace of liquid, never fall….. it is like a new mod and I think that it is not a Lostvape default, but well an Evolv default of the chipset.  

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