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Clicks to unlock and lock device

Vapors Tongue

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need some feedback on your DNA devices - so appreciate it - how many clicks to unlock your device ? the default is 5 clicks  to unlock and this cannot be changed in therme or escribe - am i correct

so unlocking the device will always be 5 clicks and if you change clicks on the device its to lock only it will not affect the unlock sequence of 5 clicks because this is a default and cant be changed in theme or escribe and also let me know if your using INT version of escribe or US version and what service pack if you can alter unlock sequence either in escribe or theme itself

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Formula 1,

As you stated the default is 5 clicks. You cannot change the unlock sequence or lock sequence on non color versions (Go, 75, 200, 250) 

You can change the unlock sequence on 75c and 250c's. You can also change the number of clicks to lock the device separate from the unlock sequence. I am currently using suite US version 2.0 SP19. 

To change the sequence you will need to go to the Safety tab in Escribe. I hope this answers all your questions! 



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